SustLabs OHM

It's simple. Ohm connects your electricity meter to your mobile phone. Really!

Get real-time insights about your energy usage and house activity.

Homes as they must be!

The device gets installed in your metering room - which means no additional gadget inside your house

Just so, you enjoy your space.

Rest Assured.

When you are away from the house, or dozing off, ensure your house sips in only as much energy as you think it should.

Set your own standards on being energy lean. Be alerted when the house crosses your set limits.

Choose your

Smart modular interfaces - tablet,
mobile, laptop or desktop.

Minimal and Affordable.

Using technology as an enabler to make adoption and access easy for all.

About SustLabs

We build technology to get energy data and make meaning out of it.

We do this by automated metering and big-data analytics.

We'd love to hear from you.

SustLabs, CM-10, SINE, CSRE Building, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai -400076 (Queries) (Jobs and careers)